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EFT Emotional Freedom Techniques

Overview & Introduction

EFT Emotional Freedom Techniques in brief:

  • EFT is a modern energy technique - similar acupuncture, it works directly on the energy system in the body. But instead of needles, you stimulate the major energy points by tapping on them or massaging them lightly.

  • EFT is a true mind/body healing technique because it combines the effects of energy treatments with the mental effects of focussing on the pain or problem at the same time.

  • EFT is a self help protocol, designed for ease of use and so everyone can benefit from Emotional Freedom Techniques without prior knowledge about energy work or meridians.

  • EFT with a practitioner is a new way to solve problems from the energy system angle which may have never received any attention before.


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  • EFT was designed and developed by Gary Craig, a Stanford Engineer, from Dr. Roger Callahan's Thought Field Therapy or TFT.

  • TFT is done by a carefully trained practitioner and relies on complex sequences of tapping the points.

  • Gary Craig applied the concept of "total redundancy" to TFT and made the EFT Emotional Freedom Techniques protocol in which you tap all the meridian points for every problem, so by default you will always tap on the right one.

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  • Sometimes, the reasons and causes for problems, anxieties and fears are difficult to reach for a single person working on their own.

  • In this case, it is a good thing to visit with a good EFT Emotional Freedom Techniques or MET (meridian energy therapies) practitioner who has experience and can find out how to start the process off right.

  • But you still continue to use the basic EFT protocol at home or when you are in the situation that is making you nervous, fearful or stressed.

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  • The fact that you can do the Emotional Freedom Technique on yourself anywhere, everywhere - all it takes is a few minutes and your own hands - makes EFT remarkable in all ways in psychology and self help.

  • Without any training, you really can use EFT to help yourself in moments of doubt and fear, in the middle of the night, or when you are on your own.

  • You can "tap away" emotional problems and go further to re-energize yourself, to gain new energy for life.

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Posted Jan 9, 2012
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